Tax advice

Every business owner will come across a complex tax issue at some point in their business’ lifecycle. At Folio Partners, we aim to understand your business and personal goals, which will inform the tax advice that we provide to you, your business, and your family. We avoid using jargon, and aim to explain complex tax issues in a way that is pragmatic and easily understood.

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Pragmatic answers to complex questions

Looking to purchase a company car, or to work out how to efficiently withdraw some extra funds from your business? We will consider the different options, and provide you with the calculations you need to make the most efficient decision. 

Raising investment or looking to set up a share scheme to incentivise your key team members? We will act on your behalf with HMRC to obtain the necessary clearances and valuations, but also explain the process to you, your team, and your investors in an easily understandable way.

Bespoke tax advice doesn’t have to be overly expensive. We will provide a full, itemised and fixed quote in advance of any project so that you know the cost of the whole process, from start to finish, before any work begins.