Business valuations

A professional opinion on the value of a small business may be needed for various purposes. We have worked with businesses to provide valuations for employee share schemes, business sales and acquisitions, and for negotiating the exit of minority shareholders. We also have experience in negotiating valuations with HMRC, for example in the case of Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) schemes.

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Bespoke business valuations you can rely on

Valuations are bespoke work, so we will take time to understand your needs before providing a quote for the work required. Generally speaking, we will need to review the business’ historical accounts and forecasts, shareholdings, shareholders’ agreement and articles of association to be able to begin a valuation exercise. We will also speak to the principals in the business to understand the market, and to gain an understanding of any comparable recent transactions in private companies that they may be aware of. We will also carry out our own research into the sector and specifically, recent investment or transactional activity.

We understand that for some purposes, a full valuation report may not be necessary, and we are happy to provide letters of opinion at a lower cost if required. Get in touch with one of our partners to discuss your business and how we can help.